Walking with Dogs

Group Classes

We offer a variety of different classes fit for each dog's skill set! We look forward to working with you & your pup to set them up for a successful, happy, and healthy life!


  • Puppy Jump Start: This class covers puppy problems such as nipping, jumping, crate training, potty training, and much more! For dogs 8 weeks and up!​ $150

  • PAWsome Adolescents: This class works on nipping, basic manners such as "leave it", "stay/wait" and begins the foundations to loose leash walking, recall, and much more! For dogs 16 weeks and up! $180

  • Family Dog Manners: This class goes over the foundations of basic manners and begins the structure of advanced skills; such as off-leash recall, loose leash walking, etc. $180

  • Reactive Rangers: This class is for those of you who have pups who struggle in new or known environments and show reactivity to other dogs, new people, strange objects, etc. A 30 minute evaluation is required prior to start of class. Evaluation is to be schedule upon sign up! $250

  • Bully Breed Basics: This class covers basic obedience and education for Pitbull and bully breed owners! A 30 minute evaluation is required prior to start of class. Evaluation is to be schedule upon sign up! This class is for dogs 6 months and up! $250

Give our office a call at (207)893-8676 to secure your spot. Our classes have limited space! Be sure to reserve yours today!


Summer/Fall Class Dates

Three French Bullgod Puppies


*SUNDAYS July 25th through August 15th 12:15pm-1:15pm

*WEDNESDAYS August 11th through September 8th (skip 8/25) 2pm-3pm

*TUESDAYS August 10th through August 31st 5-6pm


TBA (all current classes full)

Dogs Running
Child with Dog


*WEDNESDAYS August 11th through September 9th (skip 8/25) 3pm-4pm

*SUNDAYS August 1st through June 22nd 930am-1030am

*MONDAYS August 23rd through September 13th 630pm-730pm

Image by Mike Burke


*TUESDAYS August 31st through September 29th (6:30pm-7:30pm)

Requires 30 minute evaluation prior to class start date


TBA (All current classes full)

Requires 30 minute evaluation prior to class start date

Black Dog