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Kathleen (KT) Benard has been working with dogs since 2007, and began training dogs shortly after that, by interning with local professional dog trainers. KT founded Pawsitive Canine Care & Training, and obtained her certification through the nation's leading professional dog training certification association. KT is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, as well as an AKC Evaluator, APDT and IAABC associate member. KT is committed to using up-to-date positive reinforcement training, and continues her education by attending annual accredited conferences, and educational seminars presented by the nation's top positive trainers. 

KT has spent years working with multiple local shelters, rescues, veterinary offices, doggy day cares and pet shops. She volunteers much of her time to fostering homeless dogs, and helps to rehabilitate and re-home dogs in need. 

Flash forward to 2013, KT met her now husband Jon Benard, who proposed to her one evening at a puppy transport station, while unloading rescue puppies off of a transportation truck. Jon is a Behavioral Health Specialist, and has spent years working with children with disabilities. 

Jon has also fostered and volunteered for multiple shelters and rescues,

and realized his passion for helping and training dogs professionally as well. He has worked in doggy day cares, and specializes in structured socialization, play-group supervising and dog-to-dog interactions.

In 2018, KT and Jon decided to make their dreams a reality. They moved to Windham, Maine, and opened a dog boarding and training facility next door to their home! Pawsitive Canine Care & Training is now a full service boarding, daycare, and training operation. They are ecstatic and over-joyed to turn their passion into reality, and help dogs and their owners who are in need of quality care, and trust-worthy behavioral education.

Jon and KT have a young daughter named Cambria, who is an aspiring dog trainer and animal enthusiast as well. They also have a pit-bull mix named Diamond, and a pug mix named Puca. In their spare time, the family enjoys going hiking and camping, and going on adventures together as a family.



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