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Health Information 

Pawsitive Canine Care & Training's Official Health Protocols

More information regarding our standard health protocols are listed in your agreements in your client portal. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Kennel Cough (CIRDC) Official Statement

The official precautions of Pawsitive Canine Care and Training are as follows: If your dog arrives at our facility for their regular scheduled day of training or overnight boarding or at any time throughout their care with us and shows any potential symptoms of Kennel Cough (coughing, sneezing, gagging, wheezing, lethargy, runny nose, etc.) your dog will be placed into quarantine and we will call you to have you come and pick up your dog immediately. We will be dismissing your dog for a 14 day break from their regular training schedule and you will not be charged. This 14 day break is mandatory regardless of your personal Veterinarian’s diagnosis or quarantine recommendation. This is to ensure the safety of all of our students, especially our young puppies and older dogs. If you choose to keep your higher risk dog (young puppies, older dogs, or dogs with high levels of anxiety) home, you will not be penalized as long as you notify our staff within 48 hours.

Female Dogs in Active Heat Cycle

While we strive to be an all inclusive facility that allows dogs at all stages of life learn and grow, we do not allow female dogs in an active heat cycle on our premises at anytime. If your dog is entering her heat cycle, please notify our staff and we will cancel any future reservations until your dog is cleared by a Veterinarian to return to training.

Vaccines & Fecal Samples

Pawsitive Canine Care and Training requires all dogs be up to date on all current age appropriate vaccinations. For all ages we require your dog to be current on their Bordetella (Kennel/Canine Cough) and Distemper Vaccines. When your dog reaches 6 months of age, we require proof of Rabies Vaccine as well. We strongly recommend all dogs remain current on annual fecal samples as well. Providing a negative fecal samples upon request of staff is mandatory. If your dog is up to date on vaccines but we do not have them in our system, we reserve the right to turn your dog away for care that day until proof of vaccinations are obtained and our cancellation policy will apply to this matter.

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